One day course outline

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This outline is a guide, we are more than happy to modify our training for you

Introducing the Workspace
Customizing the workspace
Working with InDesign panels
InDesign tool panel overview
InDesign control panel overview

Navigating a document
InDesign zoom tool and hand tool
The InDesign screen mode options
The InDesign view options
Zooming and scrolling options

Setting Up a Document
Using the pages panel
Creating a new document
Working with master pages
Adding page numbering
Adding new pages

Text Frames
Creating and using text frames
Selecting frames and contents
Using guides to align frames
Placing and typing text
Text frame options

Flowing Text
Auto flowing text in InDesign
Semi auto flowing text
Creating threaded frames

Working with Typography
Adjusting vertical spacing
Changing fonts and type style
Changing paragraph alignment
Creating a drop cap
Adjusting letter and word spacing

Working with Styles
Working with paragraph styles
Working with character styles
Loading Styles from Another Document

Working with Objects
Working with InDesign layers
Creating and editing text frames
Creating and editing graphics frames
Wrapping text around a graphic
Transforming and aligning objects

Working with Colour
Using the colour picker and swatches
Working with gradients
Creating a tint colour in InDesign
Creating a spot colour
Applying colours to text and objects

Editing tools
Using the align panel
Using the eyedropper tool
Using the scale tool
Using the free transform tool
Using the stroke panel

Working with Graphics
Importing and Modifying Graphics
Managing links to imported files
Adjusting InDesign display quality
Importing multi-layered Photoshop files

Creating Tables
Converting text to a table
Creating and resizing tables
Formatting a table
Creating a header row

Output and Exporting
Preflighting files
Packaging files
Creating an Adobe PDF proof
Previewing the page