“I felt motivated throughout, I particularly liked the fact that I was asked to do all the things on my computer that he was doing on his computer. I think it sinks in better when you are actually doing it, rather than just listening or writing notes about it.”

Danni, Advantage Travel Partnership, London

“Was super useful, and applicable straight away so will save us lots of time.”

Claire, Charity Bank, Tonbridge

“…personable, approachable, patient, and his training is crystal clear…

…we all feel much more comfortable using Photoshop and InDesign and have been using our new found skills already. This is going to save us and our colleagues a huge amount of time.”

Katie, VistaJet, London

“In one day I learnt from the basics to everyday useful things for InDesign to create and design a document. With lots of short cut methods, were very useful, and will save lots of time.”

“…the course content will enable me to work on documents within InDesign more efficiently and effectively. Will be less stressful as I now understand how to manipulate the document, text and graphics.”

Debbie, Ramboll UK Ltd, London

“We covered a lot in a day! I took most of it in but as a group we had different levels of engagement and I think this affected the pace slightly. Not the trainer’s fault. Going over actual live projects made the training very relevant… and easy to understand”

Sam, Grundfos Pumps, Leighton Buzzard

“…would highly recommend the InDesign training I had. Everything my company asked me to learn was covered and I am now very competent in what I am required of with InDesign. There are a lot of training options which I found but this was the most competent and flexible with what was required”

Troy, Kathmandu, London

“…the trainer covered much more than expected”

Rachael, Schillings, London

“We found the training very useful and feel much more confident moving forward with InDesign, and in particular found it very easy to ask questions”

Britannia, Farm Africa, London

“As an enthusiastic, jovial, patient trainer who tailors the lesson to meet your personal requirements and objectives”

Camille, Augentius, London

“The instructor covered everything I needed to know about Photoshop”

David, Bestway, London

“Really enjoyed the training. Opened my eyes to what InDesign can really do, which was very surprising.”

A, Cornerstone, London

“Absolutely recommend! The trainer quickly understood what we were trying to achieve and our level of experience and adapted his training to suit. I felt much more comfortable not only with InDesign but Photoshop too. I felt motivated to go ahead and try new designs…
… I like the fact we have support for 6 months which is very useful.”

Megan, North Devon Homes, Devon

“Definitely recommend. The trainer was very easygoing, goes at the right pace – slow enough so that you understand and are able to retain information, but fast enough so that you do not get bored!… a great teacher! Clear, concise, to the point and most importantly, patient!”

Catalina, Sweett Group, London

“…I felt motivated and the training was interesting and we had a laugh too.”

Jess, Prisoners Abroad, London

“…very thorough and patient. His explanations were very clear and I enjoyed the style of his training. He identified the needs of my job role, and ensured the training covered the areas I would be focussing on…”

Ross, Shiplake College, Henley

“Yes I would recommend, good structure to the Photoshop course and easy to follow”

Kate, Hobsons Brewery, London

“…this Photoshop course was delivered with great insight and knowledge. He was at all times attentive to the needs of our group and displayed endless patience – thank you very much!”

A Evans, Cleobury County

“I was really impressed with how the InDesign and Photoshop training went – it’s always a bit of a risk when you find something like this online via Google so you were a real find!”

Katherine, Shiplake College, Henley

“…as a beginner I found it a very clear and easy to follow training session”

Sue, Salford City College

“Very clear and easy to understand”

Lucy, Angela Beer Fashions, Manchester

“…the pace was just right and I was able to follow everything. Would definitely recommend”

Alice, Harvard University Press, London