Two day course outline

This outline is a guide, we are more than happy to modify our training for you

The Photoshop workspace
Customising the workspace
Option panel overview
Photoshop tools panel or ‘palette’
Working with Photoshop panels

Basics of Working with Photoshop
Opening images in Photoshop
Photoshop document’s settings
Saving files/understanding file formats
Saving for print and Web
Combining images
Using Copy and Paste
Resizing images
Resolution explained
Colour modes

Photoshop tools
Accessing tools and their options
Hidden Photoshop tools
Navigating the Photoshop image area

Introducing Adobe Bridge
Navigating through Adobe Bridge
Using folders in Adobe Bridge
Using keywords
Opening a file from Adobe Bridge
Searching for files using Adobe Bridge
Using the Adobe Bridge Filter panel
Creating a PDF contact sheet

Making accurate Selections
Using the Photoshop Marquee tools
Creating a square selection
Selecting from a centre point
Changing a selection into a layer
Working with the Magic Wand tool
The Lasso tool
Quick Selection tool
Refine a selection
Using Quick Mask
Saving and loading selections
Copying and pasting a selection
Selecting by colour

Painting in Photoshop
Working in the RGB mode
Selecting colours in Photoshop
colour panel
Using the Brush tool
History brush/art history brush
Creating brushes
Changing opacity
Airbrush feature
Blending modes
Eyedropper tool

Retouching images in Photoshop
Using the Clone Stamp tool
The History panel
The Spot Healing Brush
The Healing Brush
Using the content-aware feature
Using the Patch tool
Cloning from another source
Dodge and Burn tool

Adjusting images
Working in RGB
Reading the histogram
Using levels
Using curves
Highlight and shadow
Using hue/saturation
Sharpening your image
Taking care of red eye

Getting to Know Layers
Selecting layers
Changing the visibility of a layer
Using layer masks
Creating and using vector masks
Using adjustment layers
Creating a composition
Filters and special effects

Text effects
Creating a type layer
Applying a layer style
Creating a clipping mask