Beginner to advanced training
on-site across London and UK

“…the pace was just right and delivered clearly. Would definitely recommend”

Alice, HUP
“…I felt motivated and the training was interesting and we had a laugh too.”
Jess, Prisoners Abroad

In one day, we’ll take you through the essentials of Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 or earlier versions, and provide you with skills to use the software effectively. With our hands-on approach, you’ll discover the power of Adobe Photoshop’s functionality and the array of tools for painting, retouching and enhancing images, editing and correcting photos and preparing them for print and web. Re-size images properly and learn about resolution. Choose the correct file type, (GIF JPG TIFF PNG PSD…), for web or print or to preserve transparent backgrounds. You’ll learn about different colour modes, the importance of image resolution and maintain pixel perfection with none destructive editing techniques. We’ll have you getting all creative with text too. A lot packed in one day, but we pace it just right and keep you motivated.

Book a two day course and really get to grips with this photo editing tool and choice of photographers, designers and creative professionals. You’ll learn all the basics included in the one day beginners course but we’ll take you much further. Just take a look at our course outline and see for yourself. Smart objects, clipping masks, adjustment layers, accurate complex selections, photo manipulations… Photoshop is not just for cropping and correcting, it’s for releasing your creativity to the max. Explore the filter gallery and learn how to create special effects, text effects and manage, and effectively use, multiple layers, discover layer styles and blending modes.

Be a skilled Photoshop user!

Fine tune selections for accurate and convincing cutouts. Use layer masks for removing and preserving and for localised adjustments and layers for compositing images.


Industry standard software

Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 is the industry standard application for digital photo editing. It comes shipped with Lightroom, a photo processing tool and image organiser, and Adobe Camera Raw, essentially for modifying and making global improvements to RAW files and importing them into various Adobe applications.


examples of photoshopped images

Learn with us
  • enhance
  • crop
  • edit
  • restore
  • retouch
  • effects
  • cut-outs
Beginner to advanced Photoshop training

We train Adobe Photoshop CS6 and below and the latest Adobe Photoshop CC (Adobe Creative Cloud).

As a beginner, our training is the perfect introduction to Photoshop. You’ll gain the necessary skills to edit a variety of print and web-based images. You will learn how to balance image colours and tones, remove unwanted objects, cut out backgrounds, restore damaged photos, create awesome text effects and much more.

We’ll show you the tricks and techniques used by the professionals. Using real-world examples, you’ll learn how to use the brushes for painting and for retouching or for creating and refining selections and layer masks. You’ll explore the filter gallery and learn how to create special effects, text effects and manage multiple layers, discover layer styles and blending modes and very importantly – take control of your photo edits and understand the differences between non-destructive and destructive editing techniques.

If you are an experienced user and want to go to the next level of Photoshop then just tell us what you want to learn and we’ll design a course around you!

Release your creative skills with Photoshop’s plethora of tools, filters and features.