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courses from only 140pounds
using indesign to create a recipe bookusing indesign to create a recipe book


for your


enhancing a subject in photoshopenhancing a subject in photoshop

Photoshop for



on-site training from ONLY £140

developing books in indesigndeveloping books in indesign

paragraph styles

table of contents

master pages

courses from only 140pounds
use photoshop to cut out objectsuse photoshop to cut out objects

... very clear and easy to follow training

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InDesign Training Courses | Photoshop Training Courses | London2020-06-08T13:00:40+00:00

I am currently unable to offer training. This may change in the coming months so please do return. 

Adobe InDesign training
Adobe Photoshop training

Courses in London & UK

on-site, beginner to advanced training


£140one day training


£250one day training
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Adobe Certified Expert InDesign

“Highly recommend the InDesign training. Everything I needed to learn was covered”.

Troy, Kathmandu

“We found the training very useful and feel confident moving forward with InDesign…”

Britannia, Farm Africa

indesign training

Adobe InDesign Courses

We provide on-site InDesign training courses in London and across the UK. Learn how to use InDesign to build impressive newsletters, brochures, flyers, or multi-page documents.

We make sure you get the right training for your needs, at a pace that suits you. InDesign can be quite daunting, but we guarantee to make learning easy. You can be confident knowing our expert training has a proven track record of delivering clear and easy to follow bespoke courses, showing you how to quickly and confidently take control of the many features of InDesign.

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photoshop training

Adobe Photoshop Courses

Learn how to use Photoshop from a reliable, friendly, highly experienced trainer. We keep out Photoshop training simple and effective.  You’ll learn quickly how to enhance, correct and repair photos and discover the creative power of Photoshop’s tools, layer styles and filters.

We’ll teach you the right tools and methods to improve your images and prepare them for print or web. You’ll get under the hood of Photoshop and find out why it’s become THE choice of the professionals. All in all, we’ll put you in control, providing easy to follow exercises using real-world examples.

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New to Adobe? We teach complete beginners!

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‘Do I need one or two days training?’

Our set one-day InDesign course or the one-day Photoshop course is a great way to get a basic level introduction to these applications. A one-day bespoke training course should be enough to get the complete beginner up and running.

Comparatively, the two-day set or tailored training is especially useful for beginners wanting a more comprehensive overview of InDesign or Photoshop. In addition to the basics, we’ll move through to more advanced features.

We provide training across the UK.

Here are just some of the locations we have travelled:

Adobe InDesign Courses in London and Adobe Photoshop Courses in London. Also, on-site InDesign and Photoshop Courses in Leicester, Manchester, Birmingham, Preston, Lancaster down to Devon and even delivered an InDesign course on the Isle Of Mann. As you can see, we really do travel anywhere.

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Close all Ctrl+Alt+Shft+W Cmnd+Opt+Shft+W
Save InDesign document Ctrl+S Cmnd+S
Place Ctrl+D Cmnd+D
Package Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P Cmnd+Alt+Shift+P
Edit in Story Editor Ctrl+Y Cmnd+Y
Fit document to window Ctrl+0 Cmnd+0
Jump to  page Ctrl+J Cmnd+J
Print document Ctrl+P Cmnd+P
Exit InDesign Ctrl+Q Cmnd+Q
Function Windows Mac
New document Ctrl+N Cmnd+N
Open document Ctrl+O Cmnd+N
Browse in Bridge Ctrl+Alt+O Cmnd+Opt+O
Close document Ctrl+W Cmnd+W
Close all Ctrl+Alt+Shft+W Cmnd+Opt+Shft+W
Save Photoshop document Ctrl+S Cmnd+S
Save as Ctrl+Shft+S Cmnd+Shft+S
Save all Ctrl+Alt+Shft+S Cmnd+Opt+Shft+S
Deselect all Ctrl+D Cmnd+D
Fit image on screen Ctrl+0 Cmnd+0
Copy layer Ctrl+J Cmnd+J
Print document Ctrl+P Cmnd+P
Exit Photoshop Ctrl+Q Cmnd+Q

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